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February 2011
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The Lucian People’s Movement says “Happy Independence St. Lucia it’s 32 Years”

The following statement is from the Lucian People’s Movement’s Chair-Woman Felicia Yolande Browne;

LPM Chairwoman - Yolande Dujon Browne

As we reflect on this glorious moment in St. Lucian history, we pray that God will continue to bless and protect our nation, and our families. We must be proud to celebrate our heritage and culture; a culture which is diverse and upright. As a nation, we have faced many uncertain periods; hurricanes, droughts, global economic downturns and our war on crime, all of which we are overcoming.

But, as strong and   resilient people we will overcome any diversity we may face.  We must continue to approach the year with great caution and diplomacy, and pray that all our troubles will be washed away as a people, and a nation. We pray for peace and unity within our communities, villages, families, parents, children and friends.  A great leader once said: “Progress is the attraction that moves humanity.”

Happy Independence ST. LUCIA!  “Ste.  Lucie ese peyi nou.”

The land, The People and the Light.

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