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February 2011
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SLP Salutes St. Lucian’s on the 32nd Anniversary of Independence

As Saint Lucia prepares to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of its Independence on February 22, 2011 the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) in the following statement, today took the opportunity to extend best wishes to all Saint Lucians on this significant occasion.

The Labour Party states that Independence signifies a certain level of national and individual responsibility to develop our communities and our country, and we should always strive as a people to preserve this patriotic principle.

The pioneers of our Independence from Sir George Charles to Sir John Compton practiced a life of service to our country and its people. They were respected and appreciated for their commitment to the cause of the people, especially as this was at the cost of great sacrifices to their personal and family well-being.

The Labour Party also stated that as the people of Saint Lucia face the difficult challenges of safety, security and survival, we need to see a similar level of commitment from our Government leaders. The suffering of one child, the cry of one mother, the hunger of one daughter, the unemployment of one young person, the imprisonment or murder of one son, and the lack of care of one grandfather; represents an unacceptable reversal of our Independence. Our Government therefore has a serious responsibility to safeguard and uphold our Independence.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Tomas and unprecedented crime in our country; the Independence theme: “Recovering Through Resilience; Rebuilding With Determination”, is very timely and appropriate. It reflects the spirit of our people to survive and persevere through pain and adversity. It must not however be used to pursue any selfish agendas like the unnecessary airport expansion, while the pressing needs of the people for shelter, safety, income and health care are ignored.

The SLP has a deep appreciation for the productive power and creative capacity of the Saint Lucian people. The determined pursuit of excellence has won us international accolades whether as Nobel prize winners, acclaimed jurists, professionals, service providers or sporting sensations. It is that excellence which best encapsulates our Independence as a nation; and it is in this spirit that the SLP wishes all Saint Lucians a Happy Independence Day 2011.

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