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Saturday February 5th 2011


January 2011
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Massive Turnout for SLP Candidate Desmond “The Mighty Pep ” Long

SLP Canaries Candidate Dr. Desmond Long

Thousands thronged the Anse La Raye Waterfront yesterday Sunday January 30th, for the launching of Saint Lucia Labour Party’s candidate, Dr. Desmond “The Mighty Pep” Long; who will contest the Anse La Raye/Canaries seat at the next general elections. Under the theme: “Bringing Back Honesty and Integrity To Representation” the programme included an energetic Praise and Worship Session, sweet steel band music and rhythmic Calypso renditions. There was also dance and drama which excited the large crowd, along with speeches of endorsement and solidarity by Messrs Jude Regis, Hermangild Francis, and Cyprian Lansiquot, who were Dr. Long’s contenders for the of that constituency. Speeches were also delivered by Hon. Harold Dalson and Mr. Timothy Mangal, who will contest the adjoining constituencies for the Labour Party.

Master of Ceremony Hon. Philip J. Pierre kept a running report card on the Stephenson King Government which came up with a rapturous shout of “fail,” every time promises were compared with performance. The Candidate’s daughter, Twyla Long, delivered a stirring rendition of Celine Dion’s “Because We Love You,” to her father, which was followed by the formal introduction of Dr. Desmond “The Mighty Pep” Long by his friend and colleague St. Mary’s College Teacher, Hon. Dr. Robert Lewis.

The candidate came on with a captivating introduction which had the crowd shouting when he said: “I am the small axe ready to chop down the big tree.” In a brilliant Launching address which covered issues across the constituency, Dr. Long listed the failings of the current Parliamentary Representative and outlined his plans to improve the lives of the people through honest and caring representation. Among his priorities are health, housing, employment, water, youth development and recreational and sporting facilities. He ended his presentation with a new and very catchy calypso composition: “Mondesir Must Go,” which had the crowd jumping, singing and begging for more.

Political Leader, Hon. Dr. Kenny Davis Anthony brought the formal proceedings to a close with a call to action, setting the tone for Labour’s election campaign. To thunderous applause, Dr. Anthony declared that Labour was “Ready for Elections” and called upon Prime Minister Stephenson King to date the elections no later than December 11, 2011.

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One Response to “Massive Turnout for SLP Candidate Desmond “The Mighty Pep ” Long”

  1. sweetjezebel says:

    dr long promises to restore the “honesty and integrity of the representation”… one wud assume tht he means to make the government a better place alone but also the entire island….a positive influence on the ppl living here…but they say charity starts at home….my point exactly, y doesnt dr lond practice wat he preaches in reality? he encourages the act of abortion by tellin his patients tht it’s ok to purchase abortion pills witout refferin thm to a gynocologist….dr long, a genera practional, knos the horrendous side effect of this pill called “cytotec”, and yet he deliberately puts the lives of our mother, sisters and daughters in danger…. so do we really wanna put him in power? y is he givin us falsified hope of a better country?

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