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Wednesday February 16th 2011


September 2010
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Dr. Ubaldus Raymond Refutes UWP Chairman Michael Flood

Today the St. Lucia Labour Party’s Candidate for Castries North, Dr. Ubaldus Raymond responds to claims made by UWP Chairman, Michael Flood that he (Dr. Raymond) is in possession of a United States Passport.

Dr. Raymond affirms that he lived in the United States for eighteen and a half years (18 1/2) and throughout that time he has never held a US Passport or obtained US Citizenship. He challenges Mr. Flood to provide any evidence to contradict this fact.

Dr. Raymond laments Mr. Flood’s inclination to engage in misleading the public. He points to another example of Flood’s pattern of lies displayed in early September when he denied that the UWP had no intention of changing constituency boundaries before the next general elections. This was a blatant contradiction of a proposal sent to the Chairperson of the Boundaries Commission by the UWP in a letter dated 27th March 2010, signed by the UWP Commission representatives Peter Josie and Jimmy Haynes.

Dr. Raymond believes that if Michael Flood has any integrity he would publicly apologize for this latest attempt to deceive the people of this country.

Dr. Raymond asserts further, that Michael Flood has fallen in line with a habit repeatedly displayed by his own Political Leader Hon. Stephenson King who has crowned his litany of lies, including notable ones such as assurance that Hess Oil was about to start the construction of an Oil Refinery in 2008 and not knowing who had fired Rufus Bousquet; with the  latest embarrassing situation where his claim that David Thompson had informed him that he would be resigning as Prime Minister of Barbados was categorically denied by the Government of Barbados and broadcast widely yesterday (September 21) on radio stations in Barbados and elsewhere in the region .

Dr. Raymond calls on the UWP to be considerate to the pride of Saint Lucians and to stop bringing shame and dishonor to our country.

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